Some 7,000 vulnerable children aged between just a few months old and 14 passed through Shirley Oaks children's home run by Lambeth Council from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Hundreds of those children were subjected to sexual, mental and physical abuse over that 30-year period by doctors, teachers, priests, sports coaches and other authority figures.

Now Lambeth Council have committed to pay tens of millions of pounds in compensation to the victims of this industrial-scale abuse.

The council has taken the unusual step of starting a compensation scheme that will cover anyone who ever was placed there, even those who were not abused.

But while this offers a quick and easy resolution, it runs the risk that those who suffered most gravely will be inadequately compensated.

AO Advocates represents a number of people who were seriously abused at Shirley Oaks and who are making individual compensation claims.


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