Our lawyers are first-rate advocates for survivors of child sexual abuse. Whatever the nature of the abuse, you can talk to us about claiming compensation from the organisation or person that failed to protect you from the abuse. 

No win, no fee

We are able to offer representation on a Conditional Fee Agreement basis (i.e. 'no win, no fee') and are happy to discuss the terms of this with you. Our firm does not offer Legal Aid.

Compassionate Advocates

We are a skilled team of advocates in London serving adults who have experienced sex abuse by priests, other clergy, teachers, headmasters or others in a position of trust. We believe that representing a survivor of sex abuse is much more than a legal mission. It is why we have earned a reputation as compassionate advocates who provide a safe and caring environment for our clients, many of whom have suffered in silence for decades . We also promote child protection through our advocacy and advisory work with the GenerationNext! charity.



Affordable legal representation

We understand that talking about sexual abuse can be immensely difficult, and that it often takes time. That is why there is no charge for your initial consultations with us.

Championing survivors' rights

The sexual abuse of children is a worldwide tragedy that has caused damage to millions. For too long, abusers and their enablers have escaped responsibility, but more and more survivors are now courageously standing up to abusers and the institutions that have harboured and protected them. We campaigned alongside AAWA (Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses) to raise awareness of sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses organisation. A letter was handed in to 10 Downing Street highlighting the Jehovah's Witnesses' reliance on the two-witness rule. The letter calls for Ministers to introduce mandatory reporting to the police whenever an allegation of child sex abuse is made within the Jehovah's Witnesses. Press coverage of the campaign can be viewed here.    


Recent and Current Cases

We have successfully brought claims against a number of high-profile institutions, including leading UK independent schools, the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Catholic Church. 

Jehovah's Witnesses
We have recently represented a young woman in a civil case stemming from the severe sexual abuse she suffered as a young child at the hands of a Ministerial Servant of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Our client was awarded £275,000 in the UK's first ever successful civil claim against the Jehovah's Witnesses. The BBC reported on this case.

St Bede's College, Manchester
We currently act for multiple claimants in relation to sexual abuse they suffered while pupils at St Bede's College during the 1950s and 1960s.

Independent and Public Schools
We currently act for numerous victims of sexual abuse suffered while pupils at several prestigious independent and public schools, including the Winterfold House School, The Oratory School and Brambletye School. To find out more, click here

Verona Fathers
We have successfully brought a claim against the Verona Fathers for sexual abuse suffered at Mirfield Junior Seminary, securing significantly higher damages for our client than other claimants pursuing similar claims against the same defendant. This case was covered by the Guardian - to find out more, click here.

Redemptorist Order
We successfully pursued a claim against the Redemptorist Order for our client who was abused as a young boy, securing a settlement of £60,000.

Irish Christian Brothers
We represented a victim of historic sexual abuse, which took place nearly 40 years ago and successfully settled his claim against the Irish Christian Brothers.