Law Gazette interviews AOA legal analysts about the "Super Exam" vs LPC

AOA Legal Analysts Shannon Moore and Emily McArthur are quoted in Law Gazette:

“Two legal analysts who trialled SQE1 in March, however, have criticised the assessment.

Shannon Moore and Emily McArthur, legal analysts for AO Advocates and McAllister Olivarius, told the Gazette: ‘Stage two [of the SQE] only assesses legal skills in two practice contexts. A candidate who can only prove that they are competent in drafting in two areas of law will always be second best to a candidate who has pursued a law degree or the LPC route.’

They added: ‘This will create a two-tiered system of those able to commit to longer, more expensive courses in contrast to those who cannot, who are most likely to be those currently under represented within the profession.’

Moore and McArthur both decided to pursue the LPC after trialling the ‘super-exam’.”

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