Spotlight movie: Survivor of Catholic abuse speaks out in moving video

Les Turner at age 11

Les Turner, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at St Aidan's Roman Catholic grammar school in Sunderland, was turned away by three law firms before AO Advocates agreed to take his case, for which he was eventually awarded £17,000 in compensation.

In his moving account below, Turner talks to journalist Jenny Kleeman about his experience and the similarities between his complaint against the Catholic Church and the cover up of institutional child sexual abuse exposed by the Boston Globe in the Spotlight movie.

Kathleen Hallisey, Senior Associate at AO Advocates, said:

'We have quite a few cases against the Catholic Church. Some of them have similarities to the Spotlight movie.  I'd like the Pope to release the documents about paedophile priests and everybody who knew about it. There are people within the Church who knew about it, covered it up and in doing so exposed other victims to abuse.'