Dr McAllister discusses Kevin Spacey accusations

Dr McAllister spoke with Metro about Anthony Rapp's recent accusations of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey, telling Metro, "I don’t see a prosecution as being possible, because of the operation of the statute of limitations." He pointed out that there could be a possible civil claim, but it would depend on when Rapp first discovered the psychological damage of the events. 

Jehovah’s Witnesses appear to bow to pressure of safeguarding inquiry

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have finally dropped their efforts to block an investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse, but AO Advocates Senior Associate Thomas Beale explains to the Guardian why the Charity Commission’s decision to revoke an order compelling the production of documents by the religious organisation means we’re unlikely to see any real disclosure.

Thomas Beale and an AOA client featured a The Telegraph report on St John Ambulance’s handling of child abuse cases

Telegraph social affairs editor John Bingham speaks to Thomas Beale and one of his AOA clients as he reports for the newspaper on how senior figures within the St John Ambulance organisation sought to distance themselves from allegations of abuse of young volunteers in the 90s.

Kathleen Hallisey featured on BBC 4 'Sunday' segment on Jehovah's Witnesses

AO Advocates Senior Associate Kathleen Hallisey was featured as an expert commentator on BBC Radio 4 “Sunday”, discussing a coverup of child sexual abuse allegations within the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation. The discussion starts at the 33:30 mark—the last chapter of the programme.

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Kathleen Hallisey featured in article about Jehovah's Witnesses accusations

Our Senior Associate, Kathleen Hallisey, who successfully sued the Jehovah's Witnesses, was interviewed for Reveal News about the UK Charity Commission's investigation into the child protection policies of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which have mishandled sexual abuse allegations against the organisation. With ten separate lawsuits pending against the Witnesses, Hallisey also represents victims of Mark Sewell, a leader in the Jehovah's Witnesses who was convicted of eight sex offences in 2014. In Trey Bundy's article, Hallisey expresses strong support for the Commission and its potential to bring systemic changes: 'I am hopeful that [the investigators'] dedication and diligence in pursuing this investigation will lead to real change in the Watchtower's child protection policies.'

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AO Advocates and Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses (AAWA) receive response from 10 Downing Street to their ‘two-witness rule’ campaign

The Home Office has responded to our recent ‘two-witness rule’ campaign calling for the Jehovah’s Witnesses to introduce mandatory reporting of complaints of child sexual abuse, which included delivering a letter to 10 Downing Street on 2nd October 2015. The government’s reply states that it has “made a clear commitment to consult fully on possible new requirements relating to reporting and acting on child abuse. The commitment was made during the passage of the Serious Crime Bill in Parliament, and to report back to Parliament on the outcomes within 18 months of Royal Assent of the Serious Crime Act (i.e. by September 2016).”

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