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Lindsey Evje

Head of News and Media 

As a Press and PR/Design Director for a regional arts facility in the SF Bay Area, Lindsey Evje partnered in creating educational programmes for children and adults and designed a vibrant and welcoming community gathering place within the theatre and resident art gallery. At the same time, she introduced underprivileged children and young adults to theatre in general and Shakespeare specifically.  She has worked with Journalists both in print and on camera, fashioning a symbiotic and trusting environment.  As a PA and the public face for a Bay Area Hedge Fund, she helped shepherd the company through the turbulent waters of the 2008 meltdown. 

A classical actor and singer, Lindsey Evje received her training in her native London and in San Francisco and has performed extensively both in the US and the UK.  She has taught ballet, drama, voice and Shakespeare.  She has led workshops in communication and verbal presentation at the Said Business School (Oxford), The Copenhagen Business School, Red Quadrant, and as a private coach for UN Women.

At AO Advocates, her many years of living and working in the U.S. serve to break down language and cultural barriers thus making communication more vigorous and constructive.  Her respect and affection for journalists is rivalled only by her commitment to support and protect the talented and committed women and men with whom she works.