Justice for children in foster care

The Supreme Court recently reached a decision on NA v Nottinghamshire County Council, a case we have been following closely. As we have previously discussed, the Supreme Court was deciding whether or not to hold local authorities vicariously liable for abuse perpetrated by foster parents. We were hopeful that the Supreme Court would agree that local authorities should be held vicariously liable, as foster homes are similar in structure to care homes, because both environments serve to care for children and protect them from dangerous or harmful situations.

We are glad to see that, as of 18 October, the Supreme Court has decided to hold local authorities vicariously for abuse perpetrated by foster parents. This decision is a huge step forward for those seeking justice for abuse suffered as a child while in a foster home. Children placed in foster homes should be able to enjoy the same degree of protection and consideration as those in care homes, and we are pleased to see that the Supreme Court agrees.

We are hopeful that this decision will encourage anyone struggling with a legacy of abuse in foster care to come forward and pursue justice.