Dr Jef McAllister   Partner 

Dr Jef McAllister


Georgina Calvert-Lee   Barrister  

Georgina Calvert-Lee


Dr Ann Olivarius   Managing Partner

Dr Ann Olivarius

Managing Partner

Kathleen Hallisey   Associate

Kathleen Hallisey


Jeff Anderson   Senior Advisor and Counsel

Jeff Anderson

Senior Advisor and Counsel

Thomas Beale   Associate

Thomas Beale


Christopher Hydal   Trainee Solicitor  

Christopher Hydal

Trainee Solicitor 

Lily Colman Osborn   Senior Legal Assistant  

Lily Colman Osborn

Senior Legal Assistant 

Honza Červenka   Legal Analyst

Honza Červenka

Legal Analyst

Elizabeth Hallahan   Legal Secretary

Elizabeth Hallahan

Legal Secretary

Our firm joins Jeff Anderson’s 25 years of experience in the United States obtaining civil justice for thousands of suvivors of clergy sexual abuse with the UK and international legal experience of London-based solicitor Ann Olivarius.

Affordable legal representation

We understand that talking about sexual abuse can be immensely difficult, and that it often takes time. That is why there is no charge for your initial consultations with us.

No win, no fee

We are able to offer representation on a Conditional Fee Agreement basis (i.e. “no win, no fee”) and are happy to discuss the terms of this with you. Our firm does not offer Legal Aid.

Compassionate advocates

We are a skilled team of advocates in London serving adults who have experienced sex abuse by priests, other clergy, teachers, headmasters or others in a position of trust. While our litigation expertise is essential to the process, we believe that representing a survivor of sex abuse is much more than a legal mission. It is why we have earned a reputation as compassionate advocates who provide a safe and caring environment for our clients, many of whom have suffered in silence for decades before being able to seek help.

Championing survivors' rights

The sexual abuse of children is a worldwide tragedy that has caused damage to millions. For too long, abusers and their enablers have escaped responsibility. But more and more survivors are now courageously standing up to abusers and the institutions that have harboured and protected them. We are committed to remedying this scourge, one case at a time. We can help you begin your journey of healing and recovery – and in the process expose those responsible for abuse so they can never harm another child.